2020/2019 Alberta and Yukon Territory Correlation Test Instructions


Results from analyses of the test data obtained in CCIL correlation programs may be used by CCIL for presentations at technical meetings, such as TAC and CTAA. To maintain strict confidentiality, CCIL does not identify individual companies, their laboratories or staff members in the presentations.


For CCIL's proficiency testing program, all test results MUST be reported through your CCIL lab portal at http://portal.ccil.com/After signing into the portal, all reporting forms appropriate to your lab certification will be accessible. You will be able to enter your test results into the forms and submit to CCIL through the portal.  CCIL's instructions for testing will also be available within the portal, for your convenience. 

All certified asphalt and aggregate laboratories will be notified by email when the electronic reporting forms are delivered into your portal. 

Completed forms submitted by email or fax cannot be utilized and will NOT be accepted.

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