TAC - Materials Engineering (Concrete or Asphalt Technology) Scholarship

TAC - Materials Engineering (Concrete or Asphalt Technology) Scholarship

CCIL is funding a Canada-wide scholarship of $5,000 a year, awarded through the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Foundation, for post-graduate study in the field of Materials Engineering (Concrete or Asphalt Technology).

The TAC Foundation awards scholarships to students who are enrolled in full-time studies in transportation-related disciplines. Its goal is to develop the next generation of Canadian transportation leaders.

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Scholarship Recipients
Jen Penner 
Jen Penner completed a chemical engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan and is currently working on obtaining her Master?s in Civil Engineering. Her interests include research and testing to improve asphalt materials in order to design and construct local roadways in Saskatchewan climates with improved mechanical performance. Jen has worked in the asphalt industry for the past seven years.
Alexandre Rodrigue, Ing. Jr.

M. Rodrigue's studies at the Université Laval are leading to a  PhD in Geotechnical Engineering.  His interests include research and testing to improve alternative materials with lower CO2 footprints which will help tackle climate change without neglecting durability issues and good mechanical performances.  Also of interest is his work on alkali-activated concretes exposed to freezing and thawing cycles in water and shrinkage; more work will be done to improve their performance when exposed to de-icing salts.  He is working on a publication on this issue which should follow shortly. 



Pasquale Basso Trujillo 
Pasquale Basso Trujillo graduated from Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, México in 2014. He has worked as structural engineer apprentice designing low-rise reinforced concrete and confined masonry buildings. He is now a Ph. D. candidate at Laval University focusing on the development of guidelines for the inspection and design of shotcrete structures. His research interests include concrete paving, Finite Element analysis and uncertainty in risk assessment. At Laval University, he teaches a workshop on reinforced concrete design for undergraduate students and is also a member of ACI committees 506 and 408. 

Anthony Allard
2015- 2016

Mr. Allard is currently a doctoral candidate at Laval University in the field of concrete infrastructure.

The knowledge he acquired pursuing his Master's degree  has lead him to further explore his studies leading to a  PhD on sustainability and structural behavior of infrastructure.

Once his studies are complete, he intends to pursue his interest in the field of concrete infrastructure rehabilitation.

Benoit Loranger
Benoit Loranger
2014 - 2015

Mr. Loranger completed a geological engineering degree at Laval University and now plans on obtaining his masters in civil engineer. 

After graduation, he plans to work on the road network built on permafrost to improve the life of northernmost communities as well as for developing their economy.

Edward (Ted) MoffattTed Moffat
2013 -  2014

Mr. Moffatt's graduate studies are leading to a PhD at the University of New Brunswick.  

His career interests are in the field of concrete structure restoration and the design of transportation infrastructure.


Daniel Pickel
Daniel Pickel
2012 - 2013

CCIL's second recipient of its scholarship is Daniel Pickel.

The award for 2012-2013 academic year will help support his studies at the University of Waterloo in Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) use in new concrete production. 

Mohab El-Hakim 
Mohab El-Hakim
2011 - 2012

Mohab El-Hakim was named the first CCIL scholarship recipient.

The award, for the 2011-12 academic year, helps support his graduate studies at the University of Waterloo where he is working towards a PhD in Civil Engineering. His research objective includes evaluation of perpetual asphalt pavement designs from structural, economic and environmental perspectives.

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